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durango cream travertine 300x300 - DURANGO CREAM TRAVERTINEdurango cream travertine 1 300x300 - DURANGO CREAM TRAVERTINE


Durango Cream Travertine is a classic beige travertine imported from the far corners of sunny Mexico. Alive with a swirl of tans and creams, this gorgeous travertine is equally lovely for flooring, wall tile, and countertop applications. Achieve high style and natural good looks with this stunning collection of travertine.

roman veincut travertine 300x300 - ROMAN VEINCUT TRAVERTINEdownload 65 300x300 - ROMAN VEINCUT TRAVERTINE


Roman Vein Cut Travertine Tile features a lovely combination of creamy white tones and warm beiges. Available in a wide range of sizes and in both a honed and polished finish, this modern tile is suitable for design projects including countertops, floors, walls, backsplashes, and more. In addition, both 2CM and 3CM slabs are available to complete the look.

tuscany classic travertine 300x300 - TUSCANY CLASSIC TRAVERTINEdownload 66 300x300 - TUSCANY CLASSIC TRAVERTINE


Tuscany Classic travertine is available in slab and a variety of tiles including mosaics and patterns. The beiges and browns with high variations are available in a variety of finishes including honed, unfilled chiseled and tumbled. It is recommended for residential interior floors and commercial and residential wall and backsplash projects.

tuscany ivory travertine 300x300 - TUSCANY IVORY TRAVERTINEdownload 67 300x300 - TUSCANY IVORY TRAVERTINE


Tuscany Ivory Travertine from Turkey is a low variation beige and cream travertine that adds warmth and depth to any interior design project including bathrooms, kitchens and foyers. This durable travertine is available in a wide variety of tile sizes, slabs and mosaic patterns for the highest coordination possible in design projects.