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Looking for a hassle-free Milwaukee granite countertops installation project? At Granite Plus, we understand that high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service is the best advertisements. When working with us, the only surprise you will get is unbelievably fast turnaround time and an exceedingly satisfying kitchen or bathroom surfacing project.

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Design Consult & Estimates

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Through featuring top digitized equipment and very skilled personnel, Granite Plus puts the best quality materials and excellent finished products into Milwaukee’s homes and offices. We pride ourselves on being the pioneers in the introduction of imported stone and being one of the best granite selling unit for the domestic market in Milwaukee. We are also proud of previous execution of very successful local fabrication and installation projects in the Milwaukee region and the surrounding areas. Through a clear vision, unwavering commitment, and a strategic direction, Granite Plus has emerged as a premium stone fabricator with a diversified local business portfolio. Over the years, we have maintained our commitment in offering reliable customer service, a lifetime warranty for all our installations, and best quality materials with a prompt delivery that has ranked us as the most preferred granite countertop fabricator in Milwaukee. To top it all up, our price quotation is comprised of factory-direct prices, meaning that we have some of the most competitive prices in the region.

What are Milwaukee Granite Countertops?

Unlike most of the other Milwaukee countertop materials available in the region’s markets today, Milwaukee granite countertops from Granite Plus are made from 100% natural material that is exceptionally durable and easy to maintain. We also have granite slabs available in different colors or textures that range from subtle shades of white to black. Basically, we have granite color and texture available to complement any style and preference. One of the reasons our Milwaukee granite countertops are so popular is because of their natural beauty and their durability, not to mention that granite is a show of luxurious taste. In Milwaukee alone, it is estimated that most homeowners expect 100% returns from their homes if they invest in granite countertops. Although having granite countertops in your kitchen and bathroom is not the only selling point for your home, it is one of the factors that will increase the value of your home. At Granite Plus countertop fabrication company, we are always available on call. We fully understand that any customer would begin their evaluation with a simple phone call. Our offices are always easy to reach on-call; even when you are requested to leave a message, which is very common, we always make sure to return your call as soon as we can. This is what makes us a reliable kitchen countertop fabricator. Once you have us on call, describe your project as clearly as you can, but as a professional granite countertop installer, we will not provide the full quotation over the phone. You are, however at liberty of taking notes to get an impression from us.

Benefits of Granite Countertops in Milwaukee

The main reason why most residents of Milwaukee choose Milwaukee Granite Countertops over the other competing materials is because of the components of granite material. Milwaukee Granite Countertops are an excellent choice for kitchens because of their durability. Granite Plus has an unmatched selection of different styles of granite slabs. We specialize in unique granite slates while applying distinctive artistry to ensure that we deliver the exact design that our customers ask for. Our remarkable designers and experienced artisans make the entire fabrication and installation process a breeze. We have an enormous selection of granite slabs in countless color options. Finding the perfect color and style will guarantee a flawless fit for your bathroom or kitchen.

Milwaukee Granite Countertop Fabricators

Are you thinking of doing a bathroom or kitchen renovation? At Granite Plus, we specialize in both new and reface granite countertop fabrication. We offer Milwaukee Granite Countertops fabrication services to any Milwaukee client including contractors, project managers, homeowners, as well as freelance designers. We accept all floorplan designs for estimates done by one of our professional granite countertop Fabricator at our showroom or sent through email. If you deliver your drawings in person at our Milwaukee store, you will receive the countertop estimates on the same day.

Milwaukee Granite Installers

Granite Plus integrate professionalism and high-quality workmanship into the company culture and daily philosophy. We have one of the most competent granite countertops fabricator team all over Milwaukee. Each granite countertop installer from our company has completed a rigorous selection of training programs. Our services include a lifetime warranty on all granite countertop installations. Our willingness to provide this type of warranty is proof of our excellent ethics and artistry.

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