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Milwaukee Kitchen Countertops Fabricator & Installer at Factory Direct Prices

Looking for ways which you can enjoy your Milwaukee kitchen countertops more? Hiring countertop fabrication and installation services from Granite Plus fabricators will sort you out. Our mission at Granite Plus is to provide our customers with the highest quality Milwaukee kitchen countertops materials and superior finished products

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We are able to accomplish this through the utilization of the latest digital technology and shop machinery. Our professional high-quality craftsmanship will take care of all your kitchen fabrication and installation in no time. You can trust our home improvement experts for any custom countertop installation project. We have qualified carpenters who have years of experience in building and installing quality stone material kitchen countertops. We pride ourselves of being able to tackle any countertop installation or repair project with an unbelievably fast turnaround time. All our price quotation are very reasonable because we only feature factory-direct prices.

What are Milwaukee Countertops Fabricator & Installer Services?

At Granite Plus, we provide marble, granite, and quartz fabrication and installation services throughout Milwaukee. Unlike most kitchen countertop Fabricator and installers in Milwaukee area, we do our own fabrication and installation, controlling the entire process from stone selection to installation and finishes. We stock a lot of unique marble and granite slabs so that our customers have an adequate variety to choose from when they visit our stores. We fully understand how crucial it is to find the ideal stone. For this reason, we are well known for having a perfect blend of diverse materials and colors ready in stock so that our clients from all over Milwaukee can find the ones that are just right for them. We are not only kitchen countertop Fabricator and installers of Milwaukee kitchen countertops; we are also a direct importer of natural stone. We have a wide variety of highly researched and carefully selected stone materials from some of the most renowned quarries all over the world. We make a habit of being up to date with the latest countertops trends, seasonal and ongoing customer demands and variations so that we know exactly which type of stone to import.

Milwaukee kitchen countertops

Benefits of Granite Plus Countertops in Milwaukee


From first glance, you would think that Milwaukee kitchen countertops from Granite Plus costs an arm and leg. However, based on their elegance and aesthetic appeal, you will find that our piece quotation these luxurious countertops is far much less than what most people think. Our prices can, however, vary depending on the thickness and the type you settle for.


Milwaukee kitchen countertops from Granite Plus are made from 100% natural stone, they are therefore more resistant to cracking and scratching or breaking, as compared to any other countertop materials out there. The best part is that despite our Milwaukee kitchen countertops being very durable, they are also very soft, making them more flexible to allow for the incorporation of different designs, styles, and elements during the fabrication processes, such as fancy edges and so on.

Distinct features

Human-made countertops attempt to copy the look and feel of natural stone Milwaukee kitchen countertops from Granite Plus with very little success. Most of our Milwaukee customers will be able to easily pick out Granite Plus natural stone countertops from a number of mixed countertop materials. There is no particular method that can be used to make unnaturally designed countertops to look precisely like our natural stone material. The distinctive and beautiful veining of Milwaukee kitchen countertops come from the impurities trapped within them. These are some of the features that differentiate Granite Plus countertops from the other human-made countertops

Milwaukee Kitchen Countertop Fabricators

Our experienced professional kitchen countertop Fabricator will bring your Milwaukee kitchen countertops project into life. It does not matter if you have a design schematic or you have no idea where to start. Granite Plus has got you covered. Our skilled and well knowledgeable staff can help you to select a kitchen countertop material that will blend in and match with the rest of your kitchen furniture. We will carefully inspect each material layout and color to determine which one will work best for your vision and project. We will then begin the fabrication process, starting with a digital template and ending with a finished product cultivated directly from our Granite Plus shop machinery.

Milwaukee Granite Installers

We take pride in each slab picked out from our selection of Milwaukee kitchen countertops. Once you have selected your ideal slab, our professional kitchen countertop Installer will take some time to determine the length of the installation area. We then get to the installation process, making sure that the fitting is perfectly precise. We will then clean up the working area so that your kitchen is left in good condition.

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