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Looking for quality Milwaukee Quartz Countertops? Granite Plus is a top-notch quartz countertop fabricator and installer with an operations base in Milwaukee. We offer factory-direct prices on quality marble, granite and quartz countertops in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. Our high-quality craftsmanship and expertise ensure that each customer is at ease, knowing that he will get value for his money

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Milwaukee quartz countertops are made using high-quality material which does not chip making your kitchen countertops both beautiful and long-lasting. Milwaukee Quartz countertops are also impermeable meaning that they will not promote the growth of bacteria and mold. This makes them perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops since it guarantees overall cleanliness. The result of utilizing our services is fast turnaround time, a smooth finish, and a satisfied customer. We offer a variety of exclusive colors and designs to suit the needs and desires of the customer. We have total faith in the durable nature of our Milwaukee Quartz countertops and our precise fabrication services such that we offer a lifetime warranty on all quartz installations.

What are Milwaukee Quartz Countertops?

Milwaukee Quartz countertops

Milwaukee Quartz countertops

Milwaukee Quartz countertops are a form of composite stone made from crushed up marble, granite and a natural mineral such as grass, ceramic or mirror. These stones are then mixed and bound together using a polymer or, in some cases, cement to form hard solid slabs with the appearance and texture of a natural stone consequently being vaguely known as engineered stone. Among other types of countertops, Milwaukee Quartz Countertops are an all-round favorite since they can be manipulated to produce a broad assortment of designs, colors, and composition to suit your needs. Quartz countertops are made from 100% recycled materials such as glass, earth ware, and porcelain. They are non-porous and virtually maintenance-free. With its seemingly natural appearance and durability minus the upkeep, Milwaukee Quartz countertops are stain and crack resistant thus giving countertops of other natural stones a run for their money. At Granite Plus, we know that seeing is believing therefore to sample the variety of Milwaukee Quartz Countertops we have, you are welcome to our showroom or give us a call and arrange a meeting with us where you can pick your choice without any pressure.

 Benefits of Quartz Countertops in Milwaukee

Unlike other types of stone or wooden countertops, Milwaukee Quartz countertops don’t need to be laminated or sealed since they are non-porous. Milwaukee Quartz countertops from All Quality Marble and Granite are very hard and not susceptible to scratches. The only disadvantage you will find from getting Milwaukee Quartz countertops is dull knife blades, but never a scratch on the surface of your countertops. Installing our quartz countertops near a cooktop would be just fine because the natural material is not affected by heat. Even when you have to set down a hot pan, you do not have to fear when setting it down on your quartz countertop because the heat would never damage the surface

Milwaukee Quartz Countertops Fabricators

All our customers get a price quotation and a project layout from our project manager for confirmation before our quartz countertop fabricator begins the fabrication process. We allow our customers the freedom to choose the materials they want to be mixed to form their quartz and the percentage of each to make sure we capture the design they want in their countertops. In so doing, you get the opportunity to work with us smoothly and view the design of your project on a replica slab before the process begins. Our quartz countertop fabrication process is a meticulous art which starts with the customer picking the color and brand of quartz they want. After that our professional quartz countertop fabricator sets up a time with the customer to measure the surface where the work is to be done and make stencils of the top of their base cabinet. Once the customer specifies the features, they would like in the stone cutting; an installation period is scheduled.

 Milwaukee Quartz Countertops Installation

Quartz countertop Fabricator

Precise and accurate installation is strictly supervised to make sure nothing is done haphazardly. Our skilled quartz countertop installer priority is to do

a satisfactory job keeping in mind that the customer has a right to quality countertops. We strictly follow the schedule by keeping time and making sure that the installer shows up as planned at the project location. The quartz countertop is carefully installed according to the design. Our Quartz countertop installer can do a standard installation or a custom installation including a chiseled countertop, raw edge countertop or a gently cascading waterfall according to the customer’s instructions.

We put customer satisfaction before anything else. Granite Plus provides quartz countertops fabrication and installation services according to the artful conception of the customer, cut and mix the best natural or engineered stones to the customer’s specifications and arrange a mutually convenient installation time with the customer. This is why we rank top in reliability when it comes to customer service.  

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