Countertop Installers Brookfield, WI

Countertop Installer Brookfield

We are Granite Plus of Milwaukee

Get handcrafted affordable countertop installers in Brookfield  Milwaukee and South East Wisconsin with unbeatable factory direct prices! At Granite Plus we specialize in offering cost effective solutions for homeowners, construction companies, remodelers, real estate flippers, and interior designers. We offer MORE than just artisan Milwaukee countertops at affordable prices. We have a huge selection of custom stone fabrication services for most natural stone slab materials including resurfacing and installation. Additionally, we also offer high-quality affordable cabinets to help you save even more money on your project

Design appointments available only Monday-Thursday (exceptions offered)*

*Appointments are required for Cabinet designs or to obtain pricing/quotes.
*Countertop consultations are highly recommended

Countertop Installers Brookfield, WI: Expert Countertop Installation Services in Brookfield

Are you looking for the best countertop installers Brookfield, WI? If so, you have come to the right place. Granite Plus is the premier countertop installation and fabrication company serving the Brookfield area. With years of experience, they are the go-to source for all your countertop installation and fabrication needs. Read on to learn why Granite Plus is the best choice for your countertop needs.

What Makes a Great Countertop Installer?

When it comes to countertops, there is no better choice than Granite Plus. Not only do they offer a wide selection of quality countertops, but they also provide expert installation services. Here are some of the reasons why Granite Plus is a top-rated countertop installer in Brookfield, WI:

  • Experienced team of professionals: Granite Plus’ experienced team of professionals have been in the countertop installation and fabrication business for many years. They know exactly how to properly install and finish countertops.
  • Wide selection of countertops: Whether you’re looking for quartz, marble, or granite countertops, Granite Plus has exactly what you need.
  • Affordable prices: Granite Plus offers competitive prices on all of their countertops and fabrication services.
  • Excellent customer service: Granite Plus prides itself on offering its customers the best customer service experience.

Why Choose Granite Plus as Your Countertop Installer in Brookfield, WI?

Granite Plus in Brookfield, WI is the best choice for countertop installation and fabrication. Countertop installers Brookfield, their experienced team of professionals is second to none, and they offer a wide selection of high-quality countertops at affordable prices. Plus, they have superior customer service that can’t be beat. When it comes to countertop installation and fabrication, Granite Plus is the only choice for the job.

Countertop Installers Brookfield

Countertop Installers Brookfield

Best Countertop Installation Services in Brookfield

Granite Plus offers the best countertop installation services in Brookfield, WI. They will properly measure and cut your countertop to size, traveling to your home to do the measurements. They will then install your countertop and make sure it fits perfectly. Plus, they will provide you with the appropriate sealant, grout, and other materials to ensure your countertop looks great and lasts for years to come.

Expert Countertop Fabrication in Brookfield

In addition to countertop installation, Granite Plus, the premier Brookfield countertop installers, also specializes in countertop fabrication. They offer a wide selection of quartz, marble, and granite countertops, all of which come in a variety of styles and colors. Granite Plus also offers customized countertops and edge design, giving you the perfect countertop to match your home’s décor.

Brookfield Home Countertop Installation

Granite Plus offers competitive prices on countertop installation and fabrication services, saving you time and money. They will even install your countertop in under 24 hours, so you don’t have to wait for the process to be completed. Plus, their experienced installation technicians will ensure that your countertop is correctly installed and securely sealed.

Countertop Installers Brookfield

Countertop Installers Brookfield


Granite Plus is the best choice for countertop installation and fabrication services in the Brookfield area. Their experienced team of professionals will ensure that your countertop is correctly installed and that it looks great. Plus, their affordable prices and superior customer service make them the perfect choice for your countertop needs. So if you’re in need of countertop installation or fabrication services in Brookfield, WI, look no further than Granite Plus. Visit Granite Plus for more information about their countertop installation and fabrication services. For countertop installation services in Brookfield, visit Brookfield Countertop Installation.

About Brookfield

Countertop Installer Brookfield

Brookfield, an inviting city located in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, seamlessly combines suburban comfort with a dynamic and thriving atmosphere. Known for its upscale neighborhoods, well-manicured streets, and a strong community ethos, Brookfield offers a welcoming environment for both residents and visitors. The city’s strategic location provides convenient access to a variety of shopping centers, entertainment venues, and dining establishments. Brookfield’s dedication to green spaces and parks, such as the expansive Fox Brook Park, offers opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation. With a balanced blend of modern amenities and tranquil landscapes, Brookfield captures the essence of a sophisticated yet family-friendly community, making it a sought-after destination that embodies the best of suburban living.

To get from downtown Brookfield to 2350 S. 170th St. New Berlin, WI 53151, follow these step-by-step directions:

  1. Start by heading south on N Moorland Rd toward Civic Dr.
  2. Turn right onto W Greenfield Ave.
  3. After a short distance, turn left onto S 170th St.
  4. Continue on S 170th St until you reach 2350 S 170th St, New Berlin, WI 53151.

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Countertop Services


Brookfield Countertop Services

Free Countertop Consultations: Our experts offer personalized advice and design insights, guiding you to the perfect choice. Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your space with top-quality countertops. 

Countertop Fabrication: We specialize in expert countertop fabrication, bringing your vision to life. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously design and create custom countertops tailored to your specific preferences and requirements. Selecting the finest materials to delivering exceptional finishes.

Countertop Installation: Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering precision and quality during the countertop installation process. We take care of every detail, ensuring your countertops are securely & beautifully installed. With our efficient services, you’ll have your dream countertops ready in no time.

Kitchen Countertop Upgrades: Transform your kitchen with our premium kitchen countertop upgrades. Whether you desire the elegance of granite, the durability of quartz, or the timeless beauty of marble, our selection of high-quality materials will enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality. Upgrade your countertops.

Bathroom Vanity Countertops: Transform your bathroom with our exquisite bathroom vanity countertops, available in various materials and designs. From single to double-sink setups, we offer style and functionality. Our seamless installation guarantees a refreshing and sophisticated upgrade.

Bar and Island Countertops: Elevate your home’s ambiance with our custom bar and island countertops. Whether you seek chic designs for entertaining guests or functional spaces for family meals, our expert craftsmen deliver exceptional results. With attention to detail and an extensive range of materials.

Custom Edge Profiles: Transform your countertops with our exquisite custom edge profiles. Add a unique touch to your space and create a statement piece that reflects your style. Choose from a range of stunning profiles, expertly crafted to elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom. 

Material Selection Assistance: Helping clients choose the right countertop material (e.g., granite, quartz, marble) based on their needs and preferences. Discover your dream countertops with our expert Material Selection Assistance. 

Get expert Material Selection Assistance for your perfect countertops. Our team guides you through premium materials, ensuring a seamless fit for your space. From timeless to contemporary, we blend aesthetics and durability to create lasting, stunning countertops.

Measurement Services: Ensure a seamless countertop fit with our accurate Measurement Services. Our skilled professionals take precise measurements, ensuring a perfect installation for your dream countertops. 

Countertop Repair and Restoration: Renew the beauty of your countertops with our professional Repair and Restoration services. Our skilled team brings new life to worn surfaces, ensuring they look as good as new. 

Replacing Old Countertops: Upgrade your space effortlessly with our specialized service of Replacing Old Countertops. Trust our skilled team to remove and install new, stylish countertops, giving your kitchen or bathroom a fresh and modern look. Let us handle the transformation, making the process seamless and stress-free.

Backsplash Installation: Enhance your kitchen’s style and functionality with our expert Backsplash Installation. From modern to classic designs, we transform your space with high-quality, stunning backsplashes. 

Sealing and Maintenance: Preserve the elegance and longevity of your countertops with our top-notch Sealing and Maintenance services. Our expert care ensures your countertops remain beautiful and durable for years to come. 

Commercial Countertop Services: Elevate your business with our premium Commercial Countertop Services. From timeless designs to durable materials, we deliver countertops that enhance your commercial space’s aesthetics and functionality. Impress clients and create a professional ambiance with countertops tailored to your business. 

Outdoor Countertops: Embrace the beauty of outdoor living with our durable and weather-resistant Outdoor Countertops. Designed to withstand the elements, they enhance your outdoor space with elegance and functionality.

Countertop Removal and Disposal:  Upgrade hassle-free with our Countertop Removal and Disposal services. We expertly handle the removal and eco-friendly disposal of old countertops, making room for your fresh and stylish upgrade.

Consultation and Design Services: Collaborate with our experts through personalized Consultation and Design Services. We bring your vision to life, creating custom countertops that match your style and functionality requirements. 

Residential and Commercial Projects: Bring your vision to life with our exceptional Residential & Commercial Projects. Whether it’s a cozy home or a bustling business, we create stunning, custom countertops to suit your unique style and space. Our skilled team ensures seamless execution for every project, delivering quality countertops

Waterfall Countertops: Experience elegance and sophistication with our captivating Waterfall Countertops. Seamlessly cascading over the edges, they create a striking statement piece in your kitchen or bathroom. Elevate your space with this timeless design, blending aesthetics and functionality in perfect harmony.  

Integrated Sinks and Features: Enjoy seamless design and functionality with our Integrated Sinks and Features. We create cohesive countertops with integrated elements, enhancing your space’s beauty and convenience. 

Countertop Accessories: Discover the perfect finishing touch with our exquisite Countertop Accessories. From stylish organizers to practical add-ons, we have everything to complement your countertops. 

Green and Eco-Friendly Options: Make environmentally conscious choices with our Green and Eco-Friendly Options. Select from sustainable materials and practices, ensuring your countertops are both beautiful and earth-friendly. 

Happy Clients. True Testimonials.

Lori KAU
Lori KAU
My husband and I cannot express how much we enjoyed working with our designer, Kate. She was so helpful and had wonderful suggestions. She even went as far as to drive to Chicago to pick up a missing cabinet that we needed to finish the installation. She came to our home at 8:30 in the evening to make sure we received it on time, who does that!!! From the new cabinets to the countertops that were installed by the greatest installers ever, we love everything.Our kitchen is not totally finished yet, but we are very close.Thank you Granite Plus for our amazing experience.PS: Your pricing was better than what Home Depot or Menards could offer. Lori
Susan Laubusch
Susan Laubusch
My experience with Granite Plus was outstanding. Dominque was such a delight to work with making my experience for my new countertop worry free. She was knowledgeable, pleasant, professional and very personable. The installers were also professional and did and awesome job. To say I'm pleased is an understatement.
Karen Simonson
Karen Simonson
Quality job in a fast amount of time
Kim Brown
Kim Brown
Lazarus from Granite plus of New Berlin. He and his team did a awesome Job with my kitchen countertop. The installment was awesome and they were on time and complete a job and timely manner. They will always be my kitchen and bath go to place.
Nathan Poulakos
Nathan Poulakos
There was a miscommunication on their part about the removal of the old island countertop. At first, I was a little unhappy but they came thru and took care of the situation. I was content with the final outcome so I would recommend them because they take pride in their business. Overall I was satisfied.
Cindy Perich
Cindy Perich
Thanks to Granite Plus for the beautiful granite installed in my kitchen. There was a problem with a "fissure" that was taken care of right away. I have received sooo many compliments on the granite. Great company to do business with!
Jenny-Rae Jablonski
Jenny-Rae Jablonski
They were great to work with, especially Dominique. We love our new counters and would definitely recommend them.
Jessica Klein
Jessica Klein
Dominque was amazing to work with. She was welcoming and kind. She answered all of our questions. She gets 5 stars! The two office ladies however were very rude and annoyed when we walked in. They made several comments how appointments should be make and that they should change the sign to say "Appointments Preferred" in larger letters. (We knew they were talking about us.) If Dominque didn't swoop in and talk to us and apologize about the office girls we would have walked out.

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