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Solid Surface, Concrete & Alternative Stone Materials for Countertops

Discount Pricing on Custom Stone, Wood & Laminate in Milwaukee

solid surface countertop installed in Milwaukee homeWisconsin homeowners looking for affordable, low-maintenance countertop materials find the best selection and prices at Granite Plus.

We fabricate kitchen and bathroom countertops, floor and wall tiles, tub and shower surrounds and more for homeowners and home remodeling contractors.

Granite Plus has the best options, prices and service for natural soapstone, quartzite, concrete, wood and man-made laminates. If we don’t have the material you’re looking for in stock, we can easily get it from trusted distributors. We also sell natural stone remnants perfect for smaller projects.

Explore our stone countertop alternatives to choose the best material for your home:

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Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are an affordable, low-maintenance choice ideal for homes, commercial properties and rental units. Solid surface material is non-porous, safe for food and easy to clean. Unlike granite or marble, no sealant is required.

Solid surface countertops are stain resistant, durable and look completely seamless when installed correctly. DuPont Corian® solid surface quartz comes in a wide range of colors and textures to complement your existing decor. Solid surface is also a great choice for showers & tub surrounds, vanity tops, island tops, medical facilities and cafeterias.

Get a free quote on solid surface countertops custom made & installed for less cost than anywhere else in Wisconsin!

Quartzite CountertopsQuartzite countertop installation Milwaukee

Quartzite is a very hard natural stone ideal for countertops. Quartzite is a non-foliated (not layered or banded) metamorphic rock formed from pure quartz sandstone and transformed by extreme heat and pressure. Incredibly strong, beautiful and durable, quartzite is suitable for practically any indoor or outdoor use.

Quartzite vs Quartz

Quartzite is harder than quartz, which is a composite material made up of mostly natural quartz blended with synthetic binders and pigments. However quartz is less likely to chip or dent since it’s less brittle. Quartzite is also more heat resistant than quartz, which has resins vulnerable to high temperatures.

Because quartzite is a natural stone, its appearance varies based on the presence of other included minerals and the way it formed. Quartz is available in many more colors because pigment can be added during manufacturing.

Quartzite vs Marble

Quartzite and marble are both natural metamorphic rocks: marble forms from limestone and quartzite forms from sandstone. Both stones are appreciated for their natural beauty with fluid patterns, streaks and color variations.

Quartzite is very durable and unlike marble it does not easily stain or etch from contact acidic foods such as lemons, tomatoes and vinegar. Quartzite also resists heat and scratches better than marble and is easier to clean and maintain.

Quartzite vs Granite

Quartzite and granite both contain the mineral quartz (not to be confused with engineered quartz) and can have similar-looking sparkles and veins. However quartzite is typically found in a lighter range of colors (whites, greys and pinks) while granite is more often found in darker, bolder hues.

Quartzite and granite are both very hard, durable natural stones resistant to heat, staining and scratching. If you have your heart set on a natural stone requiring minimal maintenance, it really comes down to whether you prefer the appearance of granite or quartzite.

Quartzite Colors

Quartzite is usually white or gray with brown or black veins or streaking. Some natural quartzite slabs may also contain hints of pink, red, blue, yellow or green due to impurities or minerals in the stone. The neutral tones of quartzite complement any other colors in the room, and the elegant veining provides a luxurious appearance.

Quartzite Slabs

Quartzite slabs custom fabricated at Granite Plus are perfect for any stonework project in or around the home, including:

  • Kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • Wall, floor and patio tiles
  • Shower and tub surrounds
  • Tabletops, bars and ledges

Check out the Granite Plus custom stonework idea gallery for inspiration or visit our New Berlin stonework showroom.

Caring for Quartzite

Quartzite is a worthwhile investment and easy to care for: use a damp cloth and mild soap to wipe the surface, and avoid abrasive cleaning chemicals to keep your counters looking brand new.

Contact us for a free quote on quartzite countertops.

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Soapstone CountertopsSoapstone Countertop Installation Milwaukee

Soapstone is a dense, nonporous natural stone. The name soapstone comes from the soft or soap-like texture of the surface due to talc in the stone. The architectural-grade soapstone used for countertops has a lower talc content than artistic (high talc) soapstone.

You may recognize this black countertop material from lab tables in science class. Soapstone is a popular choice in laboratories and kitchens because it doesn’t stain and isn’t harmed by acidic substances like lemon juice, tomatoes, vinegar or wine.

Soapstone is also very heat resistant. You can put hot pots and pans directly on your soapstone countertops without damaging it.

Soapstone Maintenance and Care

Soapstone is more susceptible to scratches, chips and gouging than other natural stones. However most marks can be easily buffed out with sandpaper. Homeowners who choose soapstone appreciate the character and “lived in” look it gives the kitchen.

Soapstone is low maintenance, resists bacteria and only needs to be cleaned with soap and water.

Soapstone never requires sealing and no chemicals are used in fabrication, making it a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly countertop option.

Soapstone Tiles, Fireplaces and Sinks

While not as hard as marble, granite and quartzite, soapstone is easier to cut, shape and install. The durability of soapstone makes it perfect for almost any use, including sinks, fireplaces, floor tiles, bathrooms and outdoor kitchens.

Soapstone countertops can be altered to include a sloped built-in drain area with grooves to allow water to drain back into the sink. Our stone fabricators create soapstone cut to size with custom details including edging, side and backsplashes, and more.

Soapstone Color

Soapstone countertops are available in various shades of grey, black, green and blue-ish greys and may contain speckled or veined patterns. The color of soapstone naturally darkens over time.

A darker gray or black color and more distinct veining can be achieved by applying mineral oil to architectural-grade soapstone. Different textures are also available for those looking for a slightly rough surface.

Soapstone is a timeless classic and looks equally good in a traditional farmhouse kitchen or a modern home.

Contact us for a free quote on soapstone countertops.

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Wood Surfaces and Wood Veneer

Butcher Block Installers MilwaukeeWood and butcher block countertops are prized for their natural warmth and organic beauty. Wood is an appealing, attractive choice for an island, tabletop or bar. Unlike stone countertops, the soft surface of wood is easy on dishes and absorbs sound for a quieter kitchen.

Natural wood countertops come in a wide range of colors, textures and grains. Maple and bamboo are popular choices for homeowners concerned with sustainability. Most types of local woods and hardwoods including walnut, mesquite, iroko, birch, cherry and beech wood can perform well as countertops however softwoods such as pine are not recommended.

Wood countertops can be customized in a variety of ways to match the design of your kitchen, including different styles of edge detailing and staining.

Wood veneer is wood sliced very thin, usually less than an eighth of an inch. The wood veneer is glued onto a board to create a panel used for cabinets, flooring, countertops and wall panels.

Wood Countertop Durability

The scratch and impact resistance of wood countertops varies depending on the type of wood and the type of sealer used. However any damage can be repaired easily by refinishing the surface.
High quality polyurethane sealers soak into the wood fiber and are impervious to water, citrus and common household liquids. However acetone (found in nail polish remover) and other solvents can still damage it.

Although some wood species are naturally heat resistant, using a trivet under hot pots and pans is recommended to avoid damaging the finish and the wood surface.

Cleaning and Maintaining Wood Countertops

Many people wonder if wood countertops are sanitary. When properly treated and sealed, wood surfaces have natural anti-bacterial properties. Wood countertops are safe for contact with food and you can even select food grade options for chopping and cutting for a solid butcher block.

No matter which type of wood you choose, the surface must be treated with oil and sealer to protect against heat and water damage. Finished wood surfaces will need to be refinished every few years. Unfinished wood countertops (such as butcher blocks) will monthly treatment with mineral oil or butchers wax.

Most sealed wood countertops only require cleaning with soap and water. Some types of sealer are better when cleaned with an all-purpose household surface cleaning product. Butcher blocks should be cleaned using a mix of three parts water to one part white vinegar.

Cost of Wood Countertops and Wood Veneer

The cost of wood or solid butcher block countertops per square foot is comparable to many types of stone and varies depending on the species you choose and your installation needs.

Wood veneer offers the warm, natural appearance of solid wood at a lower cost.

Contact us for a free quote on butcher block countertops.

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Laminate Countertops

Laminate Countertop Installers MilwaukeeLaminates make extremely low maintenance countertop surfaces and come in an almost infinitely wide variety of color and design options. If you crave the look of natural stone countertops without the cost, you can find a laminate surface designed to look like granite, marble, wood, metal and many other materials.

Affordable, Versatile, Durable Laminate Surfaces

Laminate countertops and flooring are long lasting, durable, moisture-proof and resistant to stains and impact. Many people assume laminate is made of plastic, but it’s actually made from layers of paper and melamine resin.

Laminate surfaces are not heat resistant and can be damaged by hot pots and pans. Laminates can also be scratched, and unlike wood you can’t just refinish the surface.

Laminate countertops are widely considered the least expensive countertop material. They’re also easy to install which saves money on labor costs. If you like the idea of redecorating periodically, the affordability of laminate counters makes it easier to change the look of your kitchen every few years.

High pressure laminates by leading manufacturers like Wilsonart are durable, decorative and easy to clean.

We also offer natural stone laminates for a wide array of indoor & outdoor uses.

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Concrete CountertopsConcrete countertop installation Milwaukee

If you’re looking for a unique and versatile home remodeling material, consider concrete. Concrete is incredibly durable and, when sealed, is also waterproof and stain resistant. If left unsealed, concrete is extremely heat resistant.

Concrete can be cast into any shape or thickness, stained virtually any color and can have custom edging or inlays to suit the style and interior décor of your home.

Concrete Uses

Low-maintenance concrete can be used for virtually any home remodeling project:

  • Kitchen and bathroom countertops and sinks
  • Fireplaces and hearths
  • Tables, tabletops, bar tops and islands
  • Outdoor kitchen surfaces

Concrete surfaces are easy to clean, lighter than stone and allow for imaginative design. If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind countertop for your home, customize it with concrete!

Contact Granite Plus for a free quote on a concrete countertop and sink!

Slate Countertops & Custom Fabrications

Like marble, slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock. Traditionally used as a writing surface, laboratory work surface or roofing tiles, slate is also an excellent material for countertops, vanity tops and other surfaces.

Slate countertop pros & consSlate countertops fabricated and installed in a Milwaukee kitchen

Slate pros:

  • Slate is non-porous which makes it resistant to staining and bacterial or mold growth.
  • Slate is easy to clean and works well in kitchens, bathrooms, bars and retail settings.
  • Slate is very hard, durable, and heat resistant, making it a great choice for fireplace hearths and backsplashes.
  • Slate is fine-grained, with a subtle and sophisticated color palette ranging from black, grey, dark green, and deep purple to light green, turquoise and red.

Slate cons:

  • Slate can be scratched, for example if you dragged a metal-bottomed pot across its surface. Scratches can be sanded out or enjoyed as part of the ‘character’ of natural stone countertops.
  • Corners of slate tops can be somewhat brittle or sharp unless rounded off. 
  • Slate cannot be polished to a high gloss like granite.

Slate Surface Finishes

Cleft slate (also called natural, textured, or rough) refers to the natural surface after slate is quarried and shaped into sheets. Slate has a uniquely textured surface which some consider beautiful, and which helps to hide scratches or other imperfections.

Honed slate is ground to a uniform matte finish with a silky smooth texture. Honed slate countertops are easier to clean than cleft slate, but scratches will be more obvious on a honed surface.

Cascade slate is a compromise between cleft and honed. The surface is ground to a relatively flat finish keeping some of its natural texture.

Slate Care & Maintenance

Slate can be used as a countertop material in its natural state or sealed, which gives it a darker “wetter” appearance.

Cleaning slate countertops is simple and only requires wiping them down with a clean, damp cloth. To remove grease and oil you can dilute dish soap in water or use a mild to medium grease-cutting countertop cleaning product.

To avoid scratching your slate countertops, cover dried-on food or drink with a damp cloth first to make it easier to remove. Avoid leaving standing water on slate because white mineral residue can be visible when it evaporates.

Popular Slate Uses

Slate tiles and sheets can be used for a wide range of commercial and residential applications including:

  • Countertops and worktops
  • Floor tiles and paving
  • Window sills
  • Backsplashes
  • Hearthstones or fireplace surrounds
  • Wall cladding

Slate is very versatile and well-suited to indoor and outdoor use.

Contact Granite Plus for a free cost estimate on slate fabrication, or to request more information.

Onyx Stone Countertops & Interiors

Banded onyx wall panel in bathroom with stone tile Wisconsin

A backlit onyx wall panel adds a beautiful glow & complements the other stone tile used in this custom bathroom.

Onyx is a variety of a silicate mineral called chalcedony (agate is another variety of chalcedony). It has a wide color range featuring wavy, light-colored bands and is prized for its translucency.

The term “onyx marble” refers to a different mineral made mainly of calcite (like marble), formed by water leaving mineral deposits in caves (unlike actual marble, which is a metamorphic rock).

Onyx is softer than granite and susceptible to staining and etching from acids (wine, salad dressing, etc).

Onyx is also far more fragile than granite. Because of its delicate nature, onyx slabs are usually mined in smaller blocks, making smaller slabs.

Onyx is not well suited to high-use kitchen countertops because it can be marked or damaged by acidic food and drink, knives, cookware and the like.

Onyx works well when used in places where it can be admired while relatively protected from wear and tear.

If you love the look of onyx, try using it for:

Onyx is rarer and more expensive than granite, and requires more investment in care and maintenance as well. Onyx is typically chosen as a statement piece, appreciated for its natural and uncommon beauty.

Try backlighting onyx for an unforgettable home bar or use it for wall panels or windowsills in a sunny part of the home.

Travertine Tiles & Countertops

Travertine floor tiles in a Milwaukee home office

Travertine floor tiles have a unique yet neutral texture to go with many types of decor.

Travertine is a type of limestone (as is marble). Immense pressure, high temperatures and a lot of time transform limestone into marble, making it a metamorphic rock. Travertine is a sedimentary stone formed in limestone caves and hot springs as calcium carbonate precipitates.

Travertine typically has many small holes as a result of the gasses involved as it formed. Because travertine is porous it can be purchased filled or unfilled depending on what you plan to use it for.

Travertine is usually found in shades of ivory, beige, gold, brown and even ruddy hues. Like marble, travertine slabs contain veins, patterns and contrasting colors. Travertine is popularly used as natural stone tile and can be finished in a wide variety of ways depending on the intended application. It can be used for many of the same purposes as marble and other natural stone including wall cladding, floor tiles, vanity tops and outdoor patios.

Free Price Quote from Milwaukee Custom Stone Fabricators

Request a free quote on your home project in quartzite, soapstone, wood, laminate or concrete from our experienced designers, fabricators and installers Granite Plus experts design, handcraft and install countertops, flooring, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, stone tiles, and outdoor kitchens in any of the above materials and more.

Contact the countertop installers Milwaukee trusts for the best service, artisan craftsmanship and courteous installation. Bad contractors leave a mess in your home and overcharge you for shoddy work. With Granite Plus, our fabricators and installers do the job right, finish on time and stick to the quote we gave you.

Get a free cost estimate for custom fabricated quartzite, soapstone, wood, laminate or other materials.
Natural stone and other countertop materials from MSI for sale at Granite Plus in New BerlinNatural stone and other countertop materials from MSI for sale at Granite Plus in New Berlin UGM stone countertops available from New Berlin contractorsUGM stone countertops available from New Berlin contractors


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