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Granite Plus is seeking experienced CNC stone fabricators, stone installers and business managers with experience in the stone fabricating industry.

Contact Granite Plus in New Berlin to apply for granite fabrication jobs.

Granite, Marble, Quartz & Stone Cut to Size in Wisconsin

Low prices on made-to-measure natural stone fabrications

Marble cut to size for countertop and islandGranite Plus offers the best quality stones and other materials, hand-cut, polished, and installed by the best stone fabricators in Wisconsin. Instead of lining the pockets of a Chicago middleman, choose our local Milwaukee area artisans and installers to bring your home or business to a new level of elegance and style. Stop by our showroom to see a selection of granite, marble, quartz, and alternative stones.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for on hand, we simply contact our network of suppliers to find you the perfect material. Milwaukee homes, universities, established corporations, and small businesses benefit from the added sense of quality and value delivered with the arrival of a custom marble tabletop or quartz pillars.

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Granite cut to size

Granite cut to size in Milwaukee

Granite countertop & backsplash cut to size for a kitchen remodeling project.

With a reputation for elegance and strength, granite is ideal for a wide range of uses in both residential and commercial buildings.

Granite is often preferred by individuals who want a durable surface and a little more color in their casual and professional spaces.

Whether you outfit your kitchen windowsills or bathroom countertops with this stone, Granite Plus can guarantee the stone will be cut to your specific requirements every time. 

Marble cut to size

Renowned for its pure, white finish, marble is used by Milwaukee residents to bring brightness to homes and commercial buildings throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

From backsplashes to dining table tops, add a touch of class to any room in with cut-to-size marble from Granite Plus. Also easy to clean, all you need is some hot water and a soft, dry towel to clean your kitchen in minutes.

Quartz cut to size

Quartz cut to size in Wisconsin

Quartz countertop & matching ledge cut to size for a small kitchen.

A heat- and scratch-resistant stone, quartz is one of the lowest maintenance options you can choose for countertops and floor tiles in your home.

With 100+ colors of engineered quartz composite available on hand and thousands more through our partner manufacturers, our Milwaukee stonework fabricators offer one of the most extensive quartz selections in Wisconsin.

Alternative stones & materials made to order

While granite, marble, and quartz are quite popular, they may not fit the style or price range of many homeowners and business owners. There are plenty of alternative countertop materials suitable for different tastes and budgets. Granite Plus offers quartzite, soapstone, wood, laminate, solid surface, and many other natural and man-made countertop options. If the material, color, or style you want is not on hand at Granite Plus, our network of distributors ensures we can find it for you.

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We Hand-Cut and Hand-Polish Custom Countertops and Much More

Worktop cut to size in Waukesha

A beautiful custom cut desktop creates a durable & attractive workspace.

Each piece we construct is edged, polished, and inspected by expert hands, proving Granite Plus to be the best source of affordable stonework fabrication services for Milwaukee families, contractors, and architects. Our marble, quartz, granite, quartzite, soapstone, solid surface, laminates, wood, and other alternative stones and materials are custom-crafted into:

From charming quartz tiles for your bathroom to sophisticated, durable marble countertops for your kitchen to the impressive bold granite bar in your outdoor kitchen, Granite Plus gives you every option so you can worry less about finding the right company for your specific needs. With our custom stonework services, get the exact shape, size, and color you want for your home or business.

Have a smaller project in mind? We also supply custom cut granite pieces and marble pieces cut to size from our ever-changing selection of granite and marble remnants.

Custom Stonework Handcrafted for Homes & Businesses across Southeast Wisconsin

Granite Plus provides its leading stonework services wherever you are in Wisconsin. Both commercial buildings and homes can benefit from the presence of a high quality, precisely cut stone. We take great pride in our business and we do not want a single Wisconsinite having their countertops improperly cut or installed by an amateur business. For the sake of the beauty and functionality of your stonework, we offer handcrafted custom stonework for homes and businesses from:

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Whether you need a fireplace hearth, window ledge, wall panel or floor tile cut to size, our highly experienced stone designers and fabricators will help you get the right piece of custom cut stone for your project at a lower price than anywhere else.

Contact us for a free price quote on granite, marble and quartz stonework.
Natural stone and other countertop materials from MSI for sale at Granite Plus in New BerlinNatural stone and other countertop materials from MSI for sale at Granite Plus in New Berlin UGM stone countertops available from New Berlin contractorsUGM stone countertops available from New Berlin contractors


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