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Granite Plus is seeking experienced CNC stone fabricators, stone installers and business managers with experience in the stone fabricating industry.

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Custom Made Outdoor Patio Counter and Table Tops

Stone Patio Table Top Supplier Wisconsin
Stone Patio Table Tops

Patios are an extension of your home and a place of gathering to unwind and relax. Over the years, Granite Plus has seen a growth in outdoor living home additions and an appreciation for high quality patio designs. A patio is part of your home to be proud of and should last many years to come.  With years of fabricating experience, Granite Plus quickly saw the demand for quality made patio table tops that not only could withstand Wisconsin’s inclement weather conditions, but looked amazing too. While there are a variety of stone suitable for outdoor patio table tops, many homeowners choose granite for its vast amount of exterior benefits.

Granite is a Top Choice for Outdoor Use

Granite patio tables serve as an outstanding option for homeowners and restaurant owners wanting to avoid having to replace their tables every year. Choosing granite will decrease costs in the long-run with minimal maintenance requirements and replacement needs. When cut and polished to a brilliant sheen, granite is a beautiful material choice for outdoor use. Granite has become popular due to its industrial and unique features.

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Benefits of Granite for Patio Tables

  • Durable - Granite is naturally strong. Being one of the hardest stones available, its interlocking grains of minerals are stronger than any other stone. This feature is what makes granite so popular. Its durability is extremely weather resistant and tolerant to heavy wear and tear.  Granite table tops are also heat-tolerant which is extremely convenient for meal times. The solid construction of granite is the ideal choice of stone for any table, in particular patios.
  • Low Maintenance – Granite is considered a very low maintenance stone. With a very low absorption rate, spills don’t stand a chance when quickly wiped up.  Granite however is a porous stone, so any form of liquid left untouched will in time, stain.
  • Sustainable – Granite is a natural product and does not contain chemical emissions like plastics, paints or manufactured products making it an eco-friendly option for your patio.
  • Unique – Every piece of granite is unique in its own and available in a variety of colors so your new patio can seamlessly match your home.

If you are looking for a new outdoor table top idea, look no further than Granite Plus. With a huge selection of stone table tops, we can help you decide on the best stone option that fits your home and budget. Browse through our stone gallery now to see the different types of stone top ideas now.

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Natural stone and other countertop materials from MSI for sale at Granite Plus in New BerlinNatural stone and other countertop materials from MSI for sale at Granite Plus in New Berlin UGM stone countertops available from New Berlin contractorsUGM stone countertops available from New Berlin contractors


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