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Custom Made Stone Coffee Tables

Milwaukee Stone Table Top Supplier
Custom Made Stone Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are often the main focus of a living or family room and usually undergo a great amount of use.  Glass coffee tables are becoming less common and while wood coffee tables have made a great alternative they are more susceptible to stains. With a high demand for durable coffee tables that look great and resistant to wear and tear, Granite Plus started designing custom made stone coffee table tops. Stone products are typically low absorbing meaning you won’t need to use a coaster with your coffee or anything else with heated temperatures.

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Whether you decide on a granite, marble or quartz coffee table top you’re certain to sustain a beautiful and durable furniture addition to your home.
Granite Plus fabricates a variety of stone materials for a wide-range of applications. Below you will find a list of stones and their benefits which are all commonly used for coffee tables. By understanding the key information of each, you can make an informed design decision on the best coffee table top and which will meet your needs both functionally and aesthetically.

Stone Coffee Table Top Options

Benefits of a Quartz Coffee Table

  • Durability – quartz will withstand the everyday use coffee tables undergo
  • Originality – quartz offers more personalization with a vast amount of colors & designs to choose from
  • Low maintenance – quartz does not need to be resealed and is easy to clean
  • Non-Porous – quartz is non-absorbent meaning it will not stain

Benefits of a Granite Coffee Table

  • Extremely durable – granite can last a lifetime if cared for properly
  • Originality – granite is made up of various minerals creating a unique piece with every cut
  • Valuable – granite will add value to your home
  • Beautiful – granite offers a timeless beauty
  • Clean – granite doesn’t harbor bacteria
  • Temperature resistant – hot items like coffee do not need a coaster and will not damage your table

Benefits of a Marble Coffee Table

  • Beauty – marble holds a higher level of beauty when compared to other stones
  • Originality – marble comes in a vast amount of hues and colors to choose from
  • Durability – like other stones, marble is highly resistant to scratches, cracks and breakage

Whether you choose marble, quartz or granite for your coffee table top, Granite Plus has years of experience fabricating and handcrafting durable, long-lasting surfaces of all kinds. Coffee tables should be a piece of furniture you’re not afraid to use and capable of withstanding everyday use. Granite Plus is here to help you design a coffee table you’ll fall in love with.

Contact Granite Plus today for more information on designing a new stone coffee table top for your home.
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